Company Bio

GC Executive started in January 2016, by father and son combination Greg and Chris. The emphasis is  a ‘family’ based business, with our core belief of, maintaining a personal contact with our customers. 

Our aim is  to become the number one choice for a chauffeur company in Essex. At the beginning we had just one Mercedes E Class, with the intention of growing the business to achieve our aim.

To date we’ve added 2 Mercedes people carriers and most recently upgraded our second car to an S Class saloon.

We have grown to a client base of over 1000, mainly living in all parts of Essex. We also have a number of personal and business customers based in London.

How have we grown?

From the start we recognized the importance of a good online presence. By having a quality website, we continue to generate a large number of new enquiries. In addition we use social media platforms to keep in touch with existing and potentially new customers.

Our biggest source of new customers has been through recommendations and referrals. It’s great to know that our customers like us so much they tell their family, friends and business colleagues how good we are. 

What’s next?

We don’t intend to standstill, and will continue to grow the business whilst maintaining our high customer service standards. 

We will add more vehicles to our fleet, whilst replacing existing ones when the need arises. 

We are also conscious of emissions and the change to electric powered vehicles. Currently we will remain with the Mercedes brand, as we feel this matches our customer needs. However, if this brand fails to match the progress we require, we may change in the future.